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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kai:: Fashion Shoot:: San Francisco, California

Kai and I first met, oh maybe 3 months ago.  He had recently moved to San Francisco from of all places, Hawaii (!!!!), to pursue his dream career in modeling.  I had newly relocated myself from all places, Washington State.  And when you come from Washington State, Hawaii is like HEAVEN!  Well, at least for me.  I love going to Hawaii and wish I could live there, but for the time being, visiting will have to do.  :)  Ok... back to Kai.  Our first photo shoot was down at the Embarcadero near the Ferry Building.  The images came out wonderfully and photographing Kai helped me to become a better portrait photographer, especially since I was just starting out.  And, come to find out, the photos I took of Kai helped him out in getting in with a modeling agency.  :)

Fast forward to this last week.  Kai had messaged me on Facebook about some ideas of a fashion shoot in the city.  He had pulled some outfits together and we ventured out into the city, with his lovely friend, Nicole.  We did some street shots near Union Square.  Kai had a fancy outfit to wear, which included a black bow tie.  We were trying to figure out where we could go and I decided we must go to the Westin St. Francis.  I felt kind of funny taking pictures inside a hotel that I was not staying at, so I went to the concierge desk, with my camera in hand, to ask permission if I could take some images inside their hotel lobby.  When I approached the concierge, he began talking camera techy talk naming off all of my gear.  It made me smile.  :)  I asked him what kind of photography he did and he said he just did it as a hobby and then he gladly gave me permission to photograph inside the hotel. We took some indoor shots using ambient lighting.   Some shots turned out better than others, but I was still very happy with how the images came out! After finishing up our shoot inside the Westin St. Francis, we went right into the middle of Union Square.  It was so much fun!  I did feel kind of like a fashion photographer!  Here are a few images taken during the shoot.  I think you will enjoy!  

Kai thinks I should get into fashion photography.... what do you think?  I think it would be a lot of fun!

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

My Best Friend's Wedding

My best friend from high school got married!  Her name is Jamie, too.  We were pretty inseparable, known as the two Jaime's/Jamie's, Jamie Squared.  I was Jamina and she was Jamo.  We loved our country music.  We loved our Days of our Lives.  We recorded it everyday on VHS (before DVR ever existed) and would eat saltine crackers with sliced cheddar cheese and drank Dr. Pepper.  We frequented McDonald's on our lunch breaks (GASP and UGH!)  She introduced me to Jesus my sophomore year of high school and bought me my first bible.  We loved to sing together and in fact that's how we met!  We were in the same math class and we just clicked!  Her parents were like my second set of parents and Jamie was like the sister to me during a difficult time in my own family.  I have so much to be grateful for because of the Lane Family.  We dreamed of our wedding days and what they would be like and even thought that one day we'd be neighbors in the country and raise our kids together!  I was happy to witness Jamie getting married to her best friend Jason.   
Their wedding was beautiful and a lot of fun!  I didn't get to stay late into the night during the entire reception, because I had a half marathon to run the next morning.  But Jamie asked if I could come take some pre-wedding preparation pictures for her, and I was so happy to do so!  Her gown was gorgeous.  Her shoes were Vera Wang Lavender.  The shoes and dress went together perfectly!  She was a beautiful and stunning bride!  Her dad has a couple of hot rods he's restored and the Ford Thunderbird transported the beautiful bride to her wedding location.  Here are some photos from before the festivities, a few detail shots of the reception and the kiss!  :)  

Congratulations Jason and Jamie!  I wish you a lifetime full of love, happiness and blessings! 

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Maternity Shoot:: Jennifer and Jonathan

Jennifer is due in December with their first daughter!  I actually met Jennifer last summer in San Francisco before moving here in April.  She and her husband work with my friend Leah.  They were coming into the city for the weekend and we planned a maternity shoot!  All last week, it was warm here in the city, like in the 80's and the day of their shoot it was FREEZING!!!  Not literally, but in the high 50's with a crisp wind chill.  But, Jennifer and her husband Jonathan braved the cold temperatures and we went ahead with the maternity shoot!
After the very cold temperatures and climate down at Crissy Fields, we headed to the Presidio for some park like settings and we came across this beautiful area of the Presidio!  It probably was 10 degrees warmer and the wind wasn't whipping around, which was so wonderful!
After we were finished shooting at the Presidio, we headed into the city to get a few shots with some San Francisco city scape.  I wanted to shots with the TransAmerica building and they wanted some with Cable Cars, so I picked this location.  It was funny, because there was a billboard for the movie "Due Date" in the most perfect location, but the release date is a month sooner than their due date, but still!  It was perfect for there photo shoot! 

Can't wait to meet their sweet little girl this December!!  Congratulations Jennifer and Jonathan!

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