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Saturday, March 5, 2011

San Francisco Family Shoot with the Ewarts

I first met Dave and Tracey briefly at our good friend Helen's birthday party last summer in Golden Gate Park.  I was just starting out my photography business, or I should say, I was building my portfolio up for my photography business in order to launch my website.  Matt and I were just about to leave Helen's party when Dave and Tracey, and their new baby, Cameron were arriving.  I asked if I could take a picture of their baby and they said, sure!  Then, I introduced myself and had offered to take pictures of their new baby if they'd like, but they had just had some pictures taken.  Bummer!  I still offered to take some when their baby got older.  We became friends on facebook and have a handful of mutual friends.  Recently, Tracey messaged me about setting up a photo session and we set it up.  We happened to pick a gorgeous, chilly, sunny day for the shoot at Alta Plaza Park in San Francisco.  After we did some outdoor pictures, I took some of Cameron playing with her toys indoors and the lighting was AWESOME!  You'll notice that Cameron is a very pretty, baby girl and has some amazingly beautiful, blue eyes!  Dave and Tracey are such loving parents and you can see how much they love their little girl!  Here are some images from that day.  I hope you enjoy! 

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Friday, March 4, 2011

It's been awhile...

Man, oh man!  I feel like I've not been around in ages!  I have been keeping up with photography, but this last month and a half has been a bit of a transition for me.  In mid January, I sprained my ankle pretty bad.  I was on crutches for about 3 days and got so fed up with them, that I only used them when I was going out in public to protect my ankle from people, uneven sidewalks and dogs.  I was just about to start my new dog running job and literally sprained my ankle the day before.  Talk about bad timing!  I let my ankle heal with rest for about 5 weeks and began dog running in mid February.  I am on a pretty consistent dog running schedule now and my first full week was this week.  I logged 33.5 miles of running this week!  And I think that will be the average amount of running a week, maybe even up to 35 miles.  Yikes!  I don't remember running that many miles when I was training for the Chicago Marathon!  It feels great and I have so much fun not only with the dogs, but running... rain or shine!  Here are the pooches I run with throughout the week. 

This is Bessie.  She's a sweetheart!
This is Athena and Natasha.  They're are quite the duo!
This is Tula.  She's crazy cute and fun!  She's so spunky!
Also, since early February, I've been nannying for a sweet family in the Fillmore area of San Francisco. The little boy's name is Ian and he's 10 months old.  He's such a great little boy and he is a chunk!  I only take care of him from 6:30am to about 8:30am.  This has changed me!  I used to never be a morning person and now, miraculously, I am!  I really enjoy taking care of Ian and helping out his family.  I feel like I'm learning a lot which will help prepare me for when I'm a mother someday.  No babies in my belly yet, but hopefully, soon!  Just yesterday, we were getting ready to go and his mother and I thought he smelled pretty poopie.  So, at 7:45am, I went in to change his diaper.  I had always heard of those untimely blow out poopie diapers from my parent friends, you know, the ones that happen when you're in a hurry, ready to get out the door and then, dun, dun, dun... there's the dreaded poopie blow out.  I took off his outfit and was unbuttoning his onesy.  And I noticed there was mushy poop that came out of his diaper.  I lifted him to sit up and I saw that the mushy poop was all the way up his back and nearly into his armpit!  I called his mom in and it was a tag team effort to get this little guy cleaned up.  It was so bad that we had to give him a shower even after we cleaned all the poop up just to get him out of the onesy, diaper and into the bath tub.  Wow!  My first blow out experience!  We call it the Bouncy Blow Out, because when I put him in the bouncer, it gets his bowels moving and if we're not careful, the Bouncy Blow Out will happen!  I know... gross, huh?  But I'm sure all you parents with babies and toddlers will appreciate this story and can totally relate!  Anyways, here's a picture of Ian in his bouncer.
This was not the day of the Bouncer Blow Out.  :)
I have lots of pictures to post and things to blog about.  I thought however, to get back into the swing of things, that I would blog about what's been going on in life lately.  Aside from the new dog running and nannying jobs, I did travel up to Washington last minute to attend a dear family friend's funeral (so sad) and to visit my aunt who is dying of cancer.  I did manage to see a couple of friends, but mainly was there to spend time with my family.  When I got back from that trip, Matt, Biskey and I moved into the top floor of our apartment building.  It's half the size, but feels more like home.  :)  And then shortly after we moved, we had visitors from San Diego one weekend, and then a visitor from Seattle the weekend after that.  I love having visitors!  It means I get to show them around town, eat good food, and enjoy their company.  :)  There will be blogs with photos to come of their visits, as well as a project of a local high school and a cool vertical garden project, as well as a recent meeting with some of the San Francisco mayoral candidates, and a sweet family shoot.  So, look for these posts to come!

Thanks for reading... I know, it's much more than usual, but there have been lots of changes!