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Friday, May 13, 2011

NABA Scholarship Gala

Last Thursday, I had the honor of photographing a very special event held at The Hyatt Regency in San Francisco.  My friend Ziada referred me for this project since she just left for a three month job in Botswana, Africa.  I was honored that the Greater San Francisco Bay Area NABA (National Association of Black Accountants) selected me to photograph their Scholarship Gala. 

I've been wanting to upgrade to a full frame professional camera body for some time now.  I'm a Nikonian simply because I love the way the camera bodies fit in my hand, the useability and the overall performance.  I've heard lots of great things about Canon, but I just can't seem to get my hands to hold and use Canon bodies the same way as Nikon.  (There are my reasons why I shoot with Nikon!  PHEW!)  So, I decided to rent the Nikon D700 with the Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8 lens.  Oh BABY!  Was this combo a HEAVY one!  I was so nervous how I was going to manage lugging this camera and lens with a flash around for the evening.  I rented the camera from for 3 days (but really 5 since I had it for the weekend too).  Boy, are they a great company!  I would highly recommend renting from them if you're interested in trying new gear before you buy the gear!  After picking up the gear, I got the camera all set and ready to go for the big scholarship gala.  I was so nervous!  Nervous because I was using new gear and nervous because I knew this was a very special night for so many.  I wanted to make sure that the shots I took exceeded their expectations.  I want every client who hires me to have their expectations exceeded!  I want them to look back at the images and relive the experience and smile.  :)

As the evening approached, Matt dropped me off at the Hyatt Regency near the Embarcadero and I went in, confident yet nervous.  I said to Matt as he was dropping me off, "I'm so nervous!"  And he responded with, "Honey, you're nervous because you care!"  And it was so true.  I cared so much that the photos from this shoot turned out well.  I knew the lighting was going to be low.  I knew that the Nikon D700 with the 24-70mm f/2.8 was going to perform wonderfully in the environment and all I had to do was go into the ballroom and capture the celebration of 16 individuals receiving their scholarships from the Greater San Francisco Bay Area NABA.  The Keynote Speaker was Lee Henderson, Assurance Partner for Ernst & Young LLP (Chicago) and he delivered a fabulous speech on being "Leaders in a Connected World." 

The evening came to an end.  Even though I was hired to be their event photographer, this group of people were so kind to me, I felt as if I were a part of their association and like they became friends!   I took one last group shot of their Executive Board and said my goodbyes.  Matt was waiting for me outside the hotel and I was smiling from ear to ear.  The first thing that came out of my mouth to him was how much fun I had and that I can't wait to upgrade my camera body and lenses! 

Here are some images from last week's events.  Thank you Greater San Francisco Bay Area NABA for having me come photograph your event.  It was inspiring and full of celebration!  Congrats to all the scholarship and award recipients!

If you are hosting an event or planning a wedding and would like me to photograph your special event, please contact me at  Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend!


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Captain Planet and Biskey

Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing and beautiful Mom's out there!  I'm not a mother yet, but I'd like to think I'm a Biskey's momma and wanted to post some pictures of Biskey and her new friend.  

One afternoon, I was coming home from a photo shoot and I stopped to pick up some groceries.  Sometimes, when I have too many groceries to carry all by myself, I will text Matt to meet me out at the sidewalk to help me carry our groceries up three flights of stairs to our place.  When I texted him this time around, he said that he and Biskey were at the park.  So, I stopped off at the park and joined them for a few minutes.  I saw that Biskey was playing with a corgi named CAPTAIN PLANET!  So, naturally, I grabbed my camera to snap a few shots of them running around the park chasing after each other.  I think corgi's are so cute and I was thoroughly amazed at how quickly Captain Planet could run with his short little legs and long, stout body.  Here are some of those photos of Biskey and Captain Planet playing at the park.  Beware!  You may see some ferocious looks from Biskey!! They were exhausted after they were done playing with each other.  :)

Thanks for reading my blog today!  Happy Mother's Day to all you amazing mothers!!